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Make Money From the Sun! Use Solar Installations

Written By Aromal Karuvath on Sunday, June 9, 2013 | 1:59 AM

  Make money from the sun, save energy by using solar panels. Solar power is the best option to cross over the world's energy crisis. Sun is the world's largest renewable energy source. Sun can provide enough energy to meet our energy needs.

solar panels
solar panels by spanginator, on Flickr
     The capacity of traditional energy power plants are weakening as hiking prices of traditional energy sources such as petroleum fuels (diesel,petrol etc). Some countries are still depends on hydroelectric  power plants. Due to the decreased availability of rain water- due to  human activities such as deforestation, hill leveling, stone mining, sand mining, etc- and decreased level of underwater reservoirs due to over use of plastic covers and deforestation, those hydroelectric power plants are under performance. Some countries had adopted nuclear power plants to meet their energy needs. But due to the expensive row materials and fuel, they are unable to provide low cost energy to local people.

   However, now a days the world have realised that renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind power, geothermal energy, biomass energy and biofuel can help them to provide low cost and enough power to survive.

   We would like to know, how much you have paid previous month for electricity. Use Commenting section of this post to express your opinion. What would you say if we could help you to earn some money from the Sun, world's largest energy source? Yes it's true. But you have to spend some money as initial cost. After investing a little money to buy solar installations you are totally free from shocking electricity bills.

    First of all you have to buy a solar installation from an authorized dealer. It would cost nearly $1000-$2000 for 1KW installation. But it depends on the dealer and the quality. Be careful to choose a dealer that offer best services after purchasing. The solar installation or solar panel is a power plant that producing electric power from the Sun. Do you want to know how solar panel works? Solar panels are made up of thousands of solar cells (a photosensitive semiconducting device). They can convert energy of the sun light (photon) to electricity (direct current). The generated electric current is used to recharge a secondary type battery.

      While installing the solar panel use your brain to set the panel to
face which direction is best to harness more solar power whole the
day. It can help to boost your installation capacity.

    The electricity stored in the battery can serve you with power whole the day and night. If you are ready to invest a little more money, you can produce enough power to turn on all electric and electronic devices in your home.


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